Thursday, December 10, 2009

Today was a fun day

Today was the day of our MOPS play date. Every month it's somewhere different and for this month b/c it is so cold outside - they choose for us all to go to the play area at the Mall in Pt. Arthur. Normally I wouldn't drive so far for a play date, but I had somethings to exchange at Target which is at the mall so we ventured out. ;)

Olivia and Paul Thomas la,la,LOVED it! They were bouncing and jumping around everywhere!

They played so hard that they fell asleep on the way home! Olivia was already snoring when I stopped at the first red light!

I got back to Orange about 30 minutes before the time I usually leave to pick up Nora so I just drove on to her school and arrived really early. They were still asleep so it was nice and quiet. Here is what greeted me when I pulled into the parking lot. :)

and I remembered to take a close up of myself... so that Dad can see that I had the mole removed from my nose the day after Thanksgiving. It's healed very nicely and not noticeable at all.

I love showing up to the carpool line early! It gives me time to do this....

I always keep a hoop in the van with me - drive thru at McDonalds, carpool line, even at the car wash! :) I love to stitch!

The twins stayed asleep until Nora got in the van. Not that she woke them up, she didn't but the cold air that rushed in as the teacher opened up the sliding door and also the loudness of all the school kids talking... no big deal though - they got over an hour and a half of nap time. ;)

I had to stop for gas... and I bought them a Kit-Kat bar to share.... at Nora calls it "the box" Place that the gas station attendant sits for those who walk up and pay. Guess who really loves chocolate!??!?

while the gas was pumping I got to stitch a little more...

and when I got home, lots of goodies were in the mailbox waiting for me!

A photo card from the Evans' family. I used to work with Tracie at Monsanto when we lived in Augusta. We were sorta neighbors too - neighborhoods within a mile apart... and before we had children, we'd get together for craft nights at my house every Thursday night. Fun, fun!

Her husband Jim worked for many years at the Augusta National Golf Course (home of the Masters) but a couple years ago he took a new job as head Superintendent at a brand new golf course in North Carolina. Thanks to the internet (blogs, email and facebook) we still stay in touch with each other.

and the package is from a friend in Washington State that I've never met in real life before but have known for 4 years from my online quilting group. Look what she sent!

A minature quilt!!! Perfect to hang on the wall or even place in the center of a table. Those blocks are super small each star block is only 4.5" big! wow! I love it Sandie! Thank you so much for creating something so pretty for me!

And tonight was gymnastics night for Nora. She really loves it! With her whole ear ordeal, she missed over a month of going and so if time allows we have permission to go twice a week to catch back up. Her usual nights are Thursdays - but if David can get home from work early enough she can go on Monday nights too.

here she is on the wedge thing getting ready to do a backwards roll.

and just coming off of the shorter bar. I wasn't quick enough to get her while she was flipping around it.

after the short bar they go to the wall and climb up on the orange/blue soft thing by the wall and stand on it to jump up onto the tall bar then move along from right to left learning how to balance their body weight using only their arms.

after that they walk across the balance beam that is low to the ground. the photos don't show everything - but there is a good size course that they have to do.

and of course she loves the trampoline! She bounces across it real fast!

again - I wasn't fast enough but she rolled down the red slope. Then back to get inline for more instruction.

I love that she loves gymnastics! I hope she can continue them for many years!

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