Monday, December 28, 2009

Guess who's lost her 1st TOOTH!

We were in line to check out at Walmart - and Nora said LOOK MOMMA - and I looked down and her tooth was the loosest I've ever seen it! I was just sure we were gonna loose it in the checkout!

Thankfully she left it alone and less than 10 minutes later it was out! (my dad lives very close to Walmart)

and she didn't even have to wait on the tooth fairy! We tapped it to a hot pink post it sized card and when she went to show Papaw, he already had a dollar waiting for her!

of course she's already been thinking of this for a while and plans to write the tooth fairy a note and ask her if she can keep her first tooth - since it was the first tooth she ever had... and first one she ever lost... also she's putting in a request for "FIVE COINS" b/c she's 5 years old. ;)

How exciting, first Santa found us in KY and now the tooth fairy! She will have lots to share when she goes back to school. I'm almost certain she's the first 5 year old in her class to loose a tooth! ;) and look what's peeking in... the new one grew up behind it a few weeks ago.

My baby is not a baby anymore. :( & :)

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