Thursday, January 14, 2010

Olivia Drawing Papaw's Portrait

I'm not sure exactly what day these were taken while we were in KY over Christmas... but it had to have been after Christmas b/c Olivia is playing with a little wipe off board that Ma-maw gave to her.

Paul Thomas got one too - but didn't want to get buckled in his seat to use it.. so he just had to watch. While Ma-maw cooked breakfast Olivia kept everyone entertained.

I wonder what she's thinking as she moves the pen across the board... I think she has a plan of some sort because she was talking to herself the whole time. Oh here is a clue - here she stars with the eyes...

and a dot for a nose and a line for a smile..

Can you see the face... It looks just like Papaw don't ya think? ;) She actually did it all on her own with out being coached - I wasn't even payin attention and it was my dad who realized that she had made a face! :) Now that I have gone back thru all the photos that I took - it is apparent that she was making a face the whole time! WOW pretty creative for a 2 year old. :)

Ta-Da! Olivia's first portrait was of her Papaw! ;)

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Jessica said...

Wow! I'm pretty impressed with the way she's holding that pen. We're still working with Carter and he's almost 4 1/2! He just REFUSES to hold it the right way!