Thursday, January 28, 2010

Emailing:01/28/10 playdate

Oh no you didn't.... oh YES I did!

Yep, we had a MOPS Play date to go to this morning... and Paul Thomas insisted on wearing his favorite Dora PJ's... and since I knew it was gonna be an outdoor play date in the back yard at Dana's... I made him wear them over his sweat shirt. Yes, I know what you're thinking...

that you would have left them on and put the sweat shirt on over the Dora PJ top... but trust me - I tried that! and he wasn't buyin it! :P Oh well - they are only 2 years old once...

Olivia found something she loved - a BIG HORSIE MOMMA!! WOOK!

watching them run and climb was fun - they're really on the go... in opposite directions of course! :P thankfully since it was a fenced in back yard with lots of other mom's it was easy to keep an eye on both of them. ;)

and strangely while Olivia was swinging her nose began bleeding... A LOT. Don't worry, I don't have photos of that to show you - I was busy holding a wet towel on it.

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