Thursday, April 22, 2010

Butterfly Release on Earth Day

Did everyone have a Happy Earth Day yesterday??? The kids and I went to the botanical garden here in town where they each got to help release 1 of 300+ butterflies! It was so fun!

I'd share with you photos that I took but none of them are any good much... my hands were busier than I thought possible trying to keep hold of each Olivia & Paul Thomas' leash to their harness/backpacks they were wearing. I was so scared I might loose them in the huge crowd of children!

Do you see us??? I'm the one above wearing the back shirt :P and those are my twins behind our friends son holding the butterfly in his palm. I love that little knobby knee of Paul Thomas...and look how much higher up Olivia's knee cap is than his!

above photo shows Nora on the far left wearing the plaid school uniform and with the back of her head facing the camera :P
oh and there's Olivia's little face is peeking over the shoulders of the two boys.

These 3 photos were taken from the newspaper's website tonight... I'm hoping to find different photos in the day's newspaper b/c the camera guy asked me for the twins' names and ages... maybe? maybe? ;)

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