Friday, April 23, 2010

More photos from the Butterfly Release

Well what do you know - I did get a few photos! I just love the one of Paul Thomas above! He laughed and giggled as that butterfly moved off the paper and onto his legs.

"Ooough it ickles! It ickles me!"

Before the release they discouraged handling the butterflies - but it was too hard to resist! Nora was as careful as could be with the one she held. She thought it was funny when I told her that it was a lot like her in the mornings waking up for school... "ooooh I'm so tired, I feel so lazy... I don't want to get up..." because these butterflies had been in those envelopes and in a refrigerator all night..

and guess who else was feeling lazy. Olivia found a comfy spot in a chair just her size! These would be neat to have at home to replace our patio furniture that was stolen last winter.

Below Nora shows us the Bumble Bee goggles to show how bees see multiple images of just one item. She knew all about it - since her Kindergarten class had just visited the botanical garden on a field trip on Tuesday of this week. They also brought out the owl for us to see.

In the kid zone garden sitting area they had a Tic-Tac-Toe game made form a 12" tile with grid lines marked on it and dark and light stones to use as the "X" and "O" markers. What a neat idea!

PaPaw & MaMaw you need one of these for your house!!!

I'm so glad we took some time to walk around after the butterfly release. The kids really enjoyed it! Oh and they had watering cans for anyone who wanted to use them for watering the flowers and Nora and Paul Thomas sure more than happy to lend a helpful hand to give lots of drinks to lots of plants and flowers!

I don't remember seeing Olivia use the watering can... if she did I never got a photo of it on my camera. Instead she was happy digging till her heart's content here in their sandbox like pit. Instead of sand it had very small gravel. Smaller than pea gravel.

the only thing that would have made this better - would have been if David could have joined us. Maybe he will next year on Earth day - guess I better send him an Outlook appointment for it now so it will be on his schedule for 2011 and he not book anything else that afternoon ;)

Nora was talking about it again this morning as I got her ready for school and telling me about the Star Gazing party that her friends John Paul, & Caitlin went to and was a little disappointed that she didn't get to go.

"Momma I want to go to Shangri La EVERYday! or at least EVERY Saturday!!! Pleeeeeease!"

which might be a good idea for their upcoming Birthday - with what money they receive we could buy a Family Membership and visit as often as we like and also take family there when they come to town for a visit ;)

To see all of the photos I took in larger format CLICK HERE.

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