Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I hate fire ants

these are the little feet we said prayers for tonight at bedtime :(

the lighting in my photos don't show well - but there are WELL over 100+ bites. I lost count somewhere in the 40's on the first foot and there were more... so I'm estimating over 50 per foot. :(

each little red dot is a fire ant bite.. when I saw him, his feet were both covered solid black - as if he had dipped them into water then stepped into dirt and it stuck.... only they were covered in ants! :( I immediately picked him up and ran to the spry fountain and washed them off as fast as I could - even taking off his swim shorts b/c some were already up his legs :( poor Paul Thomas!

I posted these feet photos for David to see over on Facebook tonight as he's OOT (out of Town) - and then I thought I'd copy and paste over here on the blog too so Mimi and Dad & Clara could see too. The above photo was before bath and hard to see but there are bites on the bottoms of his feet too. :(

Paul Thomas' feet were so swollen he couldn't even put weight on the right foot to walk. :( I sure hope the swelling goes down by tomorrow.

I'm just SO thankful my friend Cathi had some melt-away Benadryl tablets with her so I could immediately give him one.... and then again in 4 hours. Even though this happened at 11am he still had fever in both feet tonight at 8:00pm tonight. :(

the photos just don't show the bites as well as "in person" not sure if they will each blister up little white bubbles or not tomorrow but if they do I'll be sure and take more photos...

I'll let you know how he is tomorrow... I'm hoping the swelling will be gone by then.

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Kim Walus said...

That looks sooo painful for him. We will keep him in our prayers for a quick recovery. He probably won't forget his experience with the fire ants.