Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Look Mom - we're Twins! ;)

On very VERY RARE occasions they both wake up wearing the SAME set of PJ's for 2 reasons... #1 We only own 2 sets that match these and baseball monkeys... and #2 they pick their own after bath time.

But this morning they both woke up with matching red dogie PJs and I just had to capture some "Twin" photos ;)

They thought they were real big sitting in the window together...

I kept holding my breath that they wouldn't fall out - or push the other out...

Thankfully they didn't. ;)

Our Weekend Recap

While in the big town next door - we saw this sign. The owners often post good messages on this HUGE marquee board. They've been changing up often.. but always directing it at Dr. Juan Gonzales who has not paid his bill in over a year!

Nora was invited to a Birthday Party today - a school friend from her Kindergarten Class. :)

Mary Catherine & Nora... they sit at the same table each day at lunch "diagonally" ;) and are good friends. Nora even told me that they both have in common "little sisters" ;)

It was a beautiful day for March.. sunny and breezy.. and you don't see David and the twins in any of the photos b/c the babies fell asleep on the drive over so David just dropped us off and drove around for 2 hours then came back and picked us up. ;)

Oh and I can not even begin to tell you how NERVOUS I was when Nora wanted to go join the other kids at the top of the rock fountain above the pool... she does NOT KNOW HOW TO SWIM! aak!

Thankfully the only part of her that got wet was her feet and legs when she and Garrett sat at the side of the pool at the end where I was. Whew! Awlll aren't they cute sitting there with their big smiles! She and Garrett are great friends too! They met last year in Preschool.

After the party when we got home Olivia was very excited to get out and stretch her legs! Weeee! PT was still snoozing...

oh and here's David checking the mail.. and what do you know! It's the first few packages of the 5th annual Fat Quarter Bingo!!! Just another 100 or so to go before April 1st! :P

Monday, March 29, 2010

Who Dat Silly Family??

We made a trip to the play area in the Mall today... and before we got there we made a pit stop in this photo booth. :P Something fun to stick up on the fridge!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

time for a hair cut 3/27

Guess what it was time for today??? Yep, another haircut for Pa-Ta. ;) This time I took him to my friend Melanie who is a mom and has lots of experience cutting kids hair - after all she has 2 girls and 3 boys of her own ;)

She did an excellent job and gave him a good cut that I can be proud of. Nothing like the whack job experiences we've had in the past. FINALLY a good style.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nora's report card for 3rd Quarter

Nora is taking back her report card today. I'm so proud of her accomplishments this year.

It's hard to believe Kindergarten is almost over!

You can click on the photo above to see a larger photo - Look at ALL those *EXCELLENT* grades! ;)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Practice Makes Progress

Homework for Nora is usually pretty simple however when it comes to going back over her Kumon Math Worksheets - well that is another story! I know it is common for kids this age to write numbers and letters in a mirrored image... but when you have a workbook of over 50 problems and over half need to be rewritten - well that can nearly make time stand still.

So lately we've been practicing number writing on Nora's dry erase board. Look at her hat she made today at school for St. Patty's Day. I asked her if she got pinched - and she said yes! b/c no one noticed her "pot of gold at the end of the rainbow" socks she was wearing...

Wish I had thought of this weeks ago - as she doesn't mind using the dry erase marker - it's fun not homework. ;) Her numbers are looking good!

and I'd love to show you ALL the numbers on the board written and complete - but since she's a lefty, we had to wipe clean the left side so that she could continue with numbers 9-16

it helped that I was taking photos and promised her I'd show you both sides... oh and there was something else she wants to show you...

her 2nd new tooth is coming in... behind the baby tooth like last time...

ok Nora, I'll let you get back to work...

Ta-Da - all done with my numbers momma!

Great job Nora - NOW remember this next time you are doing Kumon at school. ok? You know all the answers, you just need to remember what direction to write the numbers. ;)

Momma - I want to do a Bonus sheet too!

Shapes and their words - good job Nora!