Tuesday, June 7, 2011

this is the BEST DAY EB-BUR!

Yesterday after Music Class we stopped by the house to get our library books and take back.  But before we even out of the driveway we saw the truck that comes by every month to pick up large rubbish and also appliances.

Olivia was asleep in her seat and didn't even wake up when Paul Thomas yelled "WOOK! A truck with a CLAW!!! WOOK! WOOK!"
So naturally I turned down the street and followed the truck so we could see it in action.  And guess what?  When I told the man, "Mr. Willy" what we were up to - he invited Paul Thomas to HELP him!!!  :)
After they were finished, I told the man that Paul Thomas' Granddaddy would be so proud to know that he loves heavy equipment like he does b/c he worked operating a Backhoe, but that he died in a car accident years before I married my husband.  Mr. Willie then said to be on the lookout for him every month and that he'd be happy to let Paul Thomas be his helper anytime we saw him out in our neighborhood. :)

It was no surprise that when we finally made it to the library, Paul Thomas went and found a book called "Barney Backhoe" ;)  When the librarian asked him if he liked diggers? Boy did he ever have a big story to share with her!  

I heard him tell her at least a half a dozen times, "THIS IS THE BEST DAY EB-BUR!" ;)

Thanks to my husband and our sacrifices we choose to make, I'm so very GRATEFUL that I'm a Stay-At-Home Momma so that we can make these kinds of memories!!!

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Henrietta said...

What an extraordinarily nice man! He has given your son a memory he will keep all his life.