Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy Birthday, we're moving!

What a fun day it's been!  Over on facebook I posted this as my status today and boy did I get people excited. My status read as below - 

Well David, you're not the only one with big news to share today. I also have an announcement to make! We're EXPECTING! I know, I know pretty crazy isn't it?? I really don't want to believe it myself. I wasn't going to put it on here, because it will be obvious soon enough, but thought I needed to make it official. So now you know, its official. We are EXPECTING another hot day today!

There were a dozen or so people who "liked" my status and another 30+ people that left comments! It was fun and even a few people warned me that they were gonna pinch me next time they saw me for playing sucha prank. haha I have to admit it wasn't something I thought of myself, I saw it posted on another friends wall and thought I'd copy and use it and today was the perfect day to do so!

Then after David got home from work I posted a new status that read:

Bonnie  is no longer keeping "the secret" haha David accepted a new job in Louisville, KY and we will be moving soon!! He gave his resignation today at work. We should know by tomorrow where we are gonna be living - thanks to my MIL Kathy and SIL Melanie who are RIGHT now looking at homes for us! TY so much!! 

Several months ago David began job searching and even was offered 2 other jobs which he turned down before this one.  Actually he had phone interviewed with his new company for their plant on the East coast of NC a couple months ago but then after finding out it was still going to be a 10 hour drive to our hometown in KY he turned down the chance to go interview in person at the plant. Thanks but no thanks.

And actually after the ups and downs of weighing the pros and cons of the 2 other offers and turning them both down, we had called off the job seearch and decided to wait until next year.  But I don't think that was God's plan for us b/c just 3 days later after that decision of mine to stay in Texas just one more year... David got another phone call from that same company he'd turned down in NC, but this time they were telling him that they had a larger plant in Louisville, KY and that an opening had just become available and that he was the first person they thought of for that job. Would he go for an interview?

Well how do you say no to that?  David asked me what I thought and I said, well you have to go! Interview and find out more about it so that later on you won't regret not finding out more.

So the week of Father's Day he flew up and spent the day with them at the plant.  After his interview he drove 90 miles South and spent the weekend with his mom and ended up going to Mass with my Daddy on Father's Day Sunday before flying back to Texas.

After he returned to Texas the following week he had three more phone interviews - one phone call from Italy and another from Germany... and finally one with their corporate office in Ohio. By this time it was wrapping up the end of June and would soon be on our summer vacation for the 4th of July and back home with all of our family for a week and a half.

And just as David had thought - the new job's, Plant Manager called him after we were in Kentucky, on Saturday the same day we had arrived at Dad's at 5:30am that morning... and offered the job to David! He spoke to his recruiter several times that week... and had benefits documents emailed, relocation assistance sent to us to read and review... then went back and forth a couple times with negotiations of salary and vacation time, had them do a cost of living assessment of Houston vs. Louisville..... and before we left KY to come back home, I just knew that we should take a drive up and see for ourselves the town/area and schools before we made a final decision. 

So instead of driving back on Monday 7/11th we spent that day "lookin."  We left the twins with Papaw and Mamaw but ended up taking Nora with us so she could see the schools with us.  During our drive up, he got one more phone call from his recruiter.  She said that they had did a cost of living assessment of Houston vs. Louisville and that the KY area was 8% higher and so she had called the new company and now had for him a "FINAL OFFER" with more salary for him.  That sure helped get us in the mood of really finding a new school for the kids and taking a look around to see if we could find a home for us. :)

I know that I've not posted here if f-o-r-e-v-e-r and that is b/c I had to make sure and not let the cat out of the bag... so for me it was just easier not to post for a while.  Hope you'll not hold that against me.  I promise to post more often and share photos soon.

Tomorrow we make a final decision on which home we will rent... it's also my Birthday so I'm wondering if I'll get more voting power in which home we choose....?  Right now the final 2 homes are so different.  Both have their own good and not so good.  One has room for a sewing room (4th bedroom), whereas the other home is a little cheaper per month .... which will it be? stay tuned!


Jill said...

Oh Bonnie! What exciting news. I'm sure you are thrilled at the thought of being so much closer to your family. I'm glad that you paid attention to God's plan for your family. Good luck with everything!!!!

M and M plus 3 said...

Congrats to you and your family Bonnie! May God continue to bless your family.


Terri said...

Happy Birthday and congratulations! I can't imagine how excited you all are to be moving back home!

lilmissbelle said...

Okay, all I have to say is-- you better keep me updated on your life ((and those gorgeous kids of yours!!)). I'm so glad for you that you get to be so much closer to your family, but its a bittersweet joy as I'll miss those growing bundles and your effervescent joyous smile that only Christ can bring. May God keep you safe in His arms, and may our Lady and Joseph protect and guide your family ever closer to Him. You are wonderful and I will miss you tremendously. Congratulations!!!!

Lois said...

Happy birthday, Bonnie! What great news to share with us about a move for your family back to Kentucky. God blesses us and surprises us at the same time.

Thearica said...

Bonnie... It appears you will have to "update" your blog now that you are back in KY... and I know that tickles you to no end! I am so happy for your family!

You must show us photos of your new place!

But you know how close you could have lived to me here in NC!! Oh well... I know being close to your family is so important!

katie z. said...

Good luck with the move!