Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Wed, Sep 22, 2004

Nora rolled over!!! This morning while I was folding towels on my bed, Nora was lying on her stomach doing some "tummy time.

I was talking with Nora and telling her about how I will be going into work a few days to help train the new person taking over my job. I told her that Miss Ginny and Miss Annette would be taking turns keeping her and how nice they were. She was very excited and in a great mood.

So I told Nora that if she was going to roll over for the first time it could not be for anyone else but Mommy. I kept talking to her and she was cooing and laughing and in the best mood and then after about 3 minutes .. she ROLLED OVER!

Of course I was so excited and immediately called David but only got his voice mail message... I left a message but I still wanted to tell someone. I couldn't call my daddy because I knew he was on the road driving from NC to I tried Kathy, David's mom, but the receptionist said that she was in a staff meeting, so I called and told Me Maw Reliford! :) and told her all about it! .... and then of course came here to post the BIG NEWS! :)

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