Friday, January 13, 2006

Fri, Jan 13, 2006

Nora's poor little hands!

Yesterday was our play date at the Lions Den Park. There were 4 boys and Nora. Tristan, Ayden, Jed and Nora played and played while Eli the newborn slept. Nora got dirtier than all of the boys put together. She sat and dug in the woodchips and dirt and would scrape it up and put it into a tire.

She was in heaven! Just before we were ready to leave the park she was at the wooden railing trying to stick her legs between the slats - in her mind she thought she could go thru the fence.

Well when I went up to her she was looking at her little hands and sure enough she had splinters! 5 in one hand and 2 in the other!

I was able to pull or rather pinch out 2 of them before we came home and she surprisingly sat still for it letting out a few grunts. After we got home she wouldn't let me fool with it much with the tweezers.

Also she has 4 mosquito bites :( 1 on her eye brow and 3 on top of her hand. They are so red. Poor Nora! Since we got back from KY we have noticed that the Mosquitoes are really bad here lately! I dread the summer!

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