Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Tue, Jan 10, 2006

Nora's 1st fashion protest was this morning. Today was our MOPS meeting so to insure that I would not be late I sat my alarm clock and got up much earlier than Nora to get ready.

Everything was going smooth and after I was all finished I went into her room to get her ready. She was already awake and happy in her bed babbling. When I greeted her good morning she pointed to her PJ shirt and said "Duck"! These were a new pair of PJ's she got for Christmas and was the first night to sleep in them.

When I was changing her diaper she was all busy with the shirt and looking at the ducks on it and after I was done I was ready to quickly dress her for MOPS. However she became the most difficult child to undress. She twisted and turned and made it near impossible to get that shirt off but I finally pried it off her head.

She was having a fit and I just thought maybe it was because she was getting cold so I tried to quickly put on her shirt for MOPS but she was fighting me and crying and had a death grip on her PJ shirt and rubbing it across her head messing up her hair big time. Here I thought she was cold but no, she was protesting what I wanted her to wear. I was running out of time and patience so I asked, “Do you want the duck back on???

-and just like that she started to help me put it back over her head and pushed her arms thru the sleeves! I was shocked! The water works shut off and she was smiling again! Who knew an 18-month-old could have such an opinion on fashion?!?!?!.

I figured since she was would be wearing a jogging suit over it - maybe no one would notice...even though no matter how much I tried I could not get the shirt to stay tucked in her pants and those silver snaps stuck out like a sore thumb.

All I can figure is these are the first pair of PJ's that have an item that she recognizes - the yellow rubber ducks - and she is proud that she can point them out to anyone who will listen. She quickly showed her teacher at MOPS when I said, "Nora, where are the ducks?" and again to Daddy when he got home this evening.

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