Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tue, Jan 24, 2006

Last week we held a Quilt Retreat at our home! :) My friend Tracie and her 9 month old son, Anthony flew from GA to come spend the week with us. We had "sew" much fun and the kids loved playing with each other.

I posted photos in the Jan 2006 folder. There are 2 that really capture what they did best all week. Nora I guess thought of crawling Anthony as another pet in the house b/c all she wanted to do was walk along behind him and bend over and pet him - which DID NOT like at all. He would just ball anytime he felt her hand on his back.

We watched closely to make sure she wasn't pushing him and she wasn't. But she loved it! The more he cried, the more she woudl repeat it... laughing all the while. It was pretty funny. To everyone EXCEPT Anthony!

The other great photo that captures a great memory is the one of him pulling Nora's hair. He never pulled it hard enough to hurt her - she never seemed to mind so much. But he was so facinated with all her long hair. He grabbed it whenever she was close! :) They were toooooooo cute together! :)

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