Friday, March 2, 2007

Fri, Mar 2, 2007

Lots of people have asked how I am feeling and I am doing good. :) I do have to be careful when I first stand up adn take those first few steps (lots of pressure)

Last weekend we went shopping and I bought some maternity clothes so now I am starting to really look pregnant with my baby bump ;) which is good b/c until now I just looked at myself as fat... :D

Nora and I had a great day Wednesday. We went to Story Time at the Bridge City library, then we drove over to the fabric store out of town... we were just there last Fri and the store owner, Cindy, gave her some jelly beans in a cup to snack on while I shopped... and she remembered!!!

When I was parking the van Nora told me, Mommy I want to go to the "Fire Ant Store and get jelly beans!" :) We all had a big laugh (the owner and workers) on the fire ant/fabric store mix up :) :) :)

Today, was our MOPS 1st Friday Fun Play date and we went to Tug Boat Island park. Nora had a great time which =s that she also got so dirty! We attempted to take a group photo but kids kept running off so only half of the people are in the pic.

I will upload those to a March folder. I am trying to do better about updating this page :) Hope you enjoy our stories and photos!

Love from TX!!! ~Bonnie

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Anonymous said...

Charlotte: Dear Bonnie and family,
What a precious and special time for you and your family. May God place His loving and protective arms around each of you as this marvelous experience unfolds.
God bless you!