Friday, March 23, 2007

Fri, Mar 23, 2007

Oh wow - I added the Journal entrie and a few photos last night and already this morning I see there have been close to 30 visitors :) Fantastic!

I just had to come comment after reading both Tracie and Miss Alice's comments on baby B looking like me. Is the reason you think he looks like me, because his mouth is slighty open??? LOL ...and my mouth is always flapping in the wind? LOL :c)

By the way, Nora is her mother's daughter when it comes to talking too. She talks ALL the time!!! and I mean ALL THE TIME!

My friend Heidi kept her Monday while we were in Houston and when we picked her up that evening I asked Heidi if Nora ever quit talking and she laughed and said, for the 45 minuites she was asleep in the car she didn't talk and that was it. Yep, she's my daughter alright! :c)

Heidi has 2 boys, Jed (just turned 3 yesterday) and Eli who was 1 in November. Jed is Nora's best friend in the whole world and I love watching them together. I had them one day at McDonald's together and they just sat across the table and giggled at each other the whole time. So cute!

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