Wednesday, August 15, 2007

We’re going to go see Chuck-E soon!!!! Maybe tonight even?!

August 15, 2007

After our spontaneous 4th of July trip to KY, we had a belated Birthday party for Knucklehead at Chuck-E-Cheese with 2 of her best friends. One of the neat gifts she received was the hot pink Potty Sticker Chart from “little boy J.” He wanted Knucklehead to have one like his.

The rules are:

If you go #1 on the potty = 1 sticker and choice of one small treat (example: an OREO, bit-O-Honey, sucker, Peanut Butter Cup…)

If you go #2 on the potty = 2 stickers and choice of small treat

When you fill up a row = a big treat!!
(ice cream, a package of M&M's, pop cycle, get to water paint and your choice of treat!)
Edited to add, in the photo to the left, here she is celebrating her "end of the row" accomplishment with a cup of M&M's. She was too busy stuffing her face to smile for a photo! :c)

We have been using it and although the first few weeks were VERY hard and I nearly gave up, we stuck with it and suddenly this week, Knucklehead, amazingly got the hang of all this potty business and has nearly mastered it! Yes, you will notice the white chart is for me, what can I say, I’ll try anything and I’m glad I did b/c a few times she was really upset when Mommy got M&M’s b/c I was at the end of my row and she didn’t (I’m such a mean mommy aren’t I?) but hey, it seemed to work!

Yesterday, she didn’t have any accidents in the floor and kept her pants dry all day! See all the heart shaped princess stickers all in a row? She was so excited to have them all together on her sticker chart and earned 10 stickers yesterday!!! Now if I can just get her to keep her clothes on, and convince her that it is good to wear the "same dry" pull-up or panties all day! …..she thinks she needs a “new” one/pair every time…?

At the time of taking the photo today she only had 6 more squares to go – now as I post this she only has 1 blank space, so I just called Daddy at work to tell him it looks like we will be going to Chuck-E’s for pizza tonight so he better come home early! :c)

Another cute photo to share with you from today…. taken this morning of Knucklehead playing with Daddy’s shoes and singing, “I Never fail to deliver the mail…I Never fail to deliver the mail....” an episode from her favorite TV show The Backyardagains.

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Love the nicknames! :) And just love keeping up with you all. Thanks!

your friend on the westside, ;)