Monday, November 12, 2007

Photos from our Savannah Vacation

Below are a few photos from our trip to Savannah to visit the Melvin Family. We had a great time... I didn't get to take any photos of us in Charleston b/c my battery went dead and I could never remember where I had packed the charger for it in the 5 suitcases that we had!?$@##?!
I bought a disposable for our visit to the Aquarium and Fort Sumter but haven't developed them yet.
.....and now that we have been home a week - I STILL HAVEN"T FOUND THE CHARGER! :P and that stinks b/c we leave Saturday for our trip home to Kentucky for Thanksgiving and it isn't an item you can buy in stores. :(

so enjoy these photos they may be the last for a while.

Here's Big Sister with her Dora backpack and carry on.

in Atlanta she spotted these "water stops" and was so excited that they had one just her size that she could "drink out of with her feet on the floor." .....only bad part is that she wanted to stop at every one she saw and we only had a 42 minute layover and had to walk fast to make it just in time to our next concourse and gate.
Both of the babies did great on the plane! I prayed that their little ears wouldn't hurt and thankfully they had no problems. Of course Daddy sat behind us and he and I traded them off for plenty of momma-milk :) Above is a photo of me and milk-man waiting to get off the plane.

Our friends had the perfect set up for Knucklehead! She loved sleeping in this blow up sleeping bag. ......however that phone jack on the wall is another story! Amazing how entertained she was by it while trying to doze off each night? but there wasn't anywhere else to put her bed in our guest room. We also had two pack-n-play beds in there with our queen bed... so we were a little limited on space.

Here is our Godson singing "We're the kids of America" to the babies. :) He is quite the performer! Of course he had an excited audience that kicked and squealed for more!

See that mauve recliner in the background? - That is where I slept every night. My cold I got just before we left got worse while we were there and I didn't want to chance keeping my husband and three kids up all night if I slept in their room.... and actually sleeping sitting up helped keep me from coughing as much. But I still coughed a LOT :(

this is all I can post Blogger is not letting me upload anymore so I will make another post. ~Bonnie

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Ruth said...

Glad the plane trip went well, it looks like you are having a wonderful time.