Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Vacation Photos Part 2

Photos Part II.

Here are some of our touring Savannah photos we took. My friend Tricia took us down to River Street and tried her best to get us good parking but all the ramps down to the river were closed for construction so poor babies had a very bump, bumpity ride in the stroller on the stoned street. Here in the photo of me and Knucklehead they look smooth... but trust me they are not even close to being level!!! But according to my friend they were loaded on ships to equal out the weight and brought into the city. Then as they loaded the ships with weight they got rid of the rocks and they used them to pave the streets.
Here is a photo of Daddy with the babies. The grass was so pretty and very green. Aaaaaahhhh to see that beautiful Spanish moss dripping form the Live Oaks again :) Made me wish we lived in Georgia again! and of course while Dad was loading and unloading the stroller and car seats each time we got out Big sister loved playing with the Spanish moss - shaking it like a pom-pom :)

Here is a photo of our oldest (right) with our friends' youngest son, Trip 18months. He and Knucklehead had fun sitting in the "way back" of the vehicle.

And we couldn't leave downtown until we had visited St. John the Baptist Cathedral. Tricia stayed in the car with the twins while big sister, David and I went in for a look. It was my first time to go in although we passed by it when we were in Savannah for St. Patty's a few years back. David, however, actually had attended a mass service there once before... way back in 1999 when he was going thru RCIA to become Catholic. I missed it at that time b/c I was in KY with my mom during her battle of cancer.

For some better photos and more info visit their website. http://www.savannahcathedral.org/ Their Baptism fount is beautiful! The photo doesn't show the detail as well as in person but each tile was about the size of my pinkie fingernail.
Of course we stopped to light a candle and say a prayer in thanksgiving of the family we have become!!! Grateful is such an inadequate word for what I felt when I said my prayer. It still brings tears to my eyes to recall that just four years ago that David and I, were at such a different place than we are now.
For months we did this following mass each week - praying that we may become worthy to be parents of a child that God would create for us if it be in His plan for our lives. Many prayers offered up during that time and intersessions from Mary and her mother St. Anne (who was childless many years too) and many other saints..... and to think we went form being childless the first 7 years of our marriage to having 3 kids within just three years! :) Praise Be to God!
....and of course hearing Knucklehead say her Hail Mary prayer in her little voice after she lit her candle... aaaahhh, what a great memory! I am so glad we took the time to visit the Cathedral that day!!!
...and when we got back to the car, Tricia was having some fun with the babies letting them entertain one another playing footsie and blowing raspberries at each other :) Milk-man on the right and stretchy sister on the left. :)

to be continued tomorrow night...

Love from Texas!!! ~Bonnie

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