Thursday, November 29, 2007

We're home again!

I'm still here - sorry I haven't checked in.. I feel like a college kid again... you remember those days when you finally paused long enough to remember "eek, I haven't called home in a loooooong time!" Well, it isn't that I haven't thought about blogging, I have... I just haven't taken the time to sit down and write. So, here goes :)

Ever had one of those days where you rush and rush, do and do but at the end of the day don't feel like you accomplished anything much? Well for me, the whole week so far has been like that.

It all started Monday around 6am when baby girl couldn't stop coughing. She had started this while we were away from home and both the last night in the hotel and first night at home her coughing was much worse... so first thing Monday I call the pediatrician and they told me to get here ASAP and I'd be worked in. Well four hours in a waiting room that is crammed packed was NO fun! Luckily David was able to stay home from work and go with me to help.

Dr said that she didn't sound "too bad" but gave a prescription for a cough med and also ordered us a nebulizer to have at home just in case cough gets worse. OK, I didn't cost us anything and now if we ever need one we will have it.

Both babies got their 6 month shots Monday and also a flu shot. Again, thanks Doc for letting our visit count as the checkup too instead of making us come back in a week!

Baby Girl weighs 13 lbs 6.5 ounces and is 24" long
Baby Boy weighs 14 lbs even and is 24.5" long

Both of the twins are doing what babies their age are doing... rolling over, scootin and pushin across the floor, lifting their upper body up with their arms, grasping items, and both have discovered their voice boxes :) Milk Jug even has his two bottom teeth! They popped thru just after Halloween... oh and speaking of Halloween - I never finished uploading photos from our trip at the end of October! Guess I got side tracked with packing for the trip to KY...

Oh well... better late than never - here we are on Halloween in Pooler, Georgia.

I'm really looking forward to baby girl getting over her coughing. Maybe soon I will be back to getting "some sleep." This week she is waking up coughing so badly it sounds like she is vomiting and the only thing to get it to stop is to go pick her up and hold her sitting up. This is in addition to my regular getting up between 3-4am for milk jug's middle of the night feeding and it is wearing me out! Plus big sister is stuck on Kentucky time and waking up before the sun comes up and although she comes crawl es in bed with me there is no chance of me sleeping!!! She is playing roughly with my hair or tracing my face, milk jug is nursing and David's alarm clock keeps going off every 9 minutes as he hits snooze for the upteeth time! day this will be just another faded memory.... LOL
Love from Texas! ~Bonnie

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