Tuesday, October 6, 2009

leaving the park to go home

What a fun play-date at the park with our new MOPS friends. I thought it would be impossible to get them to load up to leave but they fell pretty easily for the 'Nilla Wafer Cookie Bribe. So glad I had a box in the van! :P

When we got home, Olivia was all about "Me to it" meaning she wanted to get out of the van all by herself... and immediately wanted to get into her vehicles to drive back to the park :P

Paul Thomas was all smiles when I cam back out to the garage to get him second.. he was trying to hide behind the seatbelt thing and sliding door to yell "Arrrrgh!" at me and make me act scared - which he loved! I'm sure I looked pretty scary playing the roll with my frizzed out humidity hair. :P

It was a great day :)

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