Thursday, October 29, 2009

MMMmmm Yuck! ... I "WIKE" it! 10/29

About 5 nights a week we have ice cream for dessert after supper. No begging Nora to eat her food - if she doesn't eat, she doesn't get ice cream. period.

And don't think that stops the rest of us - b/c David and I have been known to eat our right in front of her! Only about 4 or 5 times her whole life... ;)

But tonight we had a little something different - ice cream sandwiches - which were just a tad bit messy - which the kids LOVED! ;)

Olivia kept saying... "Oh mmmm Yuck! I WIKE it!" ;)

Thankfully Nora wasn't messy with hers at all and even threw her wrapper in the trash can without being reminded. :) As she turned around David asked her how she smiled for her school photos yesterday at school and this thankfully I had the camera ready when she turned around! ;)

Nora... did you like your ice cream cookie??? YES!

(that is her protective ear cup she wore today during Halloween party and also will wear every night when she sleeps)

and Daddy, what about you?.... did you like your ice cream cookie???

hahahah! I couldn't resist! David always gives me such crazy faces when I point the camera at him! :P

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