Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

Here we are! Halloween night at St. Mary's Catholic School Fall Festival. A cowboy, a "mick" mouse and a ballerina! ;)

Ever heard the saying "That if you want to make God laugh, then just tell him what YOUR plans are?" I felt like he was laughing at me this week.. see I've spent the past 2+ months combing eBay for Micky Mouse and Mini Mouse costumes for the twins to wear this Halloween....

I refused to pay over $20 for each and finally did win two auctions but only worried about if they'd fit when they got here and if they'd ARRIVE it time or not! Never did I think they wouldn't want to wear what I had bought for them!

Two nights before I tried here in the kitchen to get them to try them on and Paul Thomas ran from me and ran and wedged himself in behind the dryer! And Olivia... well she wasn't' gonna put the red/white polka dot dress on for nothing in this world but she did want the MICK MOUSE suit! I put it on and although it was a little tight in the stride she didn't seem to notice or care. Taking it off for bath time was one of my most difficult wrestling matches as a mom and she screamed a fit during the whole bath, prayers and long after we shut off the light that night. :( At least one of them liked one of the costumes. ;)

And although we had a handful of other costumes here at home that Nora's played in over the years - he had never seen them before I got them out of the closet - and b/c they all involved getting into something with a zipper and headed hood - he would yell "Nuuu-uah" and run away!

So the simplest thing was putting him in jeans and a white shirt with his out-grown-but-he-doesn't-care-red-cowboy-boots and call him a cowboy ;)

Here's Nora and Paul Thomas lining up for the costume parade across the stage - Olivia could not be bothered to come out of the jumper thing... so she didn't' get to model her costume for the parents. Yes... I know those jeans are too short... but they were the only ones I could find that weren't Olivia's with girly stuff on them at the time. They allow more of his boots to show right? ;)

and speaking of "show" - take a look at Paul Thomas strutting his stuff across stage with his big sister! ;) He acted like he owned the whole dang town! Wish he had, had a belt and holster!

and after the costume parade we did the cake walk a few times where Nora won on her 2nd time -and picked the very same German Chocolate Cake that we bought and took to the festival!!! LOL We will be thinking of you Daddy when we eat it ;)

and speaking of eat... non winners of the cake walk got to pick a treat -and we choose cookies! ;) It was a good moment to stop and take a break! and we had a great spot right in front of one of the side exit doors where people were going on hay-rides and we felt some cool air coming into the gym. ;)

After we ate, David took Nora and Paul Thomas on the hay ride - actually we all payed to go but on the way out I smelt something that needed taking care of coming from "Mick" mouse... so off to the van Olivia and I went. She was so mad and upset - she thought we were leaving the party - how do you make a 2 year old understand we are coming right back :/

and as if she wasn't already mad - oh you should have heard her when we got to the van and I had to unzip her to change her diaper!!! I'll spare you all the details but I was lucky that she didn't completely scalp me b/c I was wearing my hair down :/

After we got back inside the kids enjoyed playing a few of the games - the bean bag toss..

There was no way all 3 of them could wait to take each of their turns to play the games - just waiting for the other kids was bad enough so we'd give tickets for all 3 of ours and let them have at it. They didn't mind. :) On this Plinko, I think you were to throw the balls up towards the top and what ever number it landed in you got a prize from that pot... it didn't take Paul Thomas long to figure out to pick up his ball and walk it around to the back side and tippy-toe up and release it ;) (Look at the right pic above in the top left corner)

Of course more jumping time!!! What kid doesn't like to jump? Thankfully they had 2 separate jumpers one for little kids and the other for big kids. HA-HA look at the one expression of Paul Thomas that I caught on camera! :P

and when buying the wrist bands for the "all you can jump" David wasn't thinking about Nora's ear.... and got her one.. :( and as soon as I walked up I reminded them both about her ear and thankfully she quickly got out of it and didn't complain about not getting to jump.

We had a great night at the school's Fall Festival. ;) It really is a great place for families to hang out while the kids play. We saw some people that we knew and spoke but since our kids are still all so small we didn't' get to just hang out like most of the parents were doing.... and that's OK with us. I'm sure they were sitting there on the benches talking to each other, watching parents like us with little ones wishing that their teens & preteens were that little again ;)

and of course it wouldn't be "Halloween" if we didn't do some trick-or-treating! So on the way home we stopped at a few of the houses in our neighborhood... around 9;30ish. The first home had a little doggie that made me sad for Jackson. :( Look at that cute cowboy standing there!

The last stop was Carolyn's home :) Nora's friend from ballet/gymnastics. They hadn't seen each other in a month or so b/c Carolyn broke her collar bone a while back and so they were shocked to hear about Nora's "pretend earrings" adventure and see her ear she just had surgery on Wednesday.

After we got home we sat around the kitchen table as the kids ate some peanutbutter and crackers out of their treat bags. Actually not a bad choice for right before bed. :) David and Paul Thomas played with a puzzle.

And although I thought of it and tried numerous times I never captured that ONE good photo of all 3 kids dressed up... guess who got bad when I suggested it once more??? It was very late going on 10:00 or a little after by then. So I didn't press it..

But guess what I did capture!!!! Take a look at who was playing "KISS" with both her dolls AND her brother! ;) Isn't this the cutest picture ever?????? They are totally lip-locked! LOL :P

And there you have it - our Halloween Night in pictures ;)

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