Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saturday Recap 11/7/09

Today was a pretty good day here... I got to sew and this is a snapshot of what I got put together today. Now all that's left to do is measure it and add on the last 3 borders. I should have the top done by tomorrow! ;) It was a 3 part mystery pattern that came out in 3 seperat issues of Quiltmaker Magazine.

You can't see me b/c I'm behind it holding it up in the doorway of the dining room and was lucky that David didn't mind taking a fast pic so I could post before going up for the bath & bedtime routine Wink

And in other News.... Nora's ear is looking good... can't hardly tell looking at it from the front - although her ears are not symmetrical - forgot to get a photo showing that...

She and David enjoyed making chocolate chip pancakes together this morning. He's been working long hours all this week and the last 3 nights not home until after all the kids were in bed. So today she and David spent a lot of time together. Cooking, computer games, hide and seek, and playing on the trampoline together... ;)

Another thing I did today... was take Paul Thomas to get a haircut. He's had only 3 prior to this - First was David's Aunt Connie in KY - also the 1st to cut David's hair and everyone else in the family. ;) And it looked Great!

2nd time was horrible and last time the 3rd time the woman who cuts David's hair did a great job but today she was off work... and I let another person do it... and WISH I had waited for Lynette to get back. It looks terrible now.

Here is the before photo taken earlier this week.

and here it is after today's whack job :/


The lesson I learned today was if the beautician has hair dyed jet black and is young, there is a good chance she is just out of school... and I should ask her before she starts if she has any kids of her own... when I asked her that question, it was about middle way thru and I was thinking man I hope this is gonna look better than I'm thinking... but no it only got worse and worse the more she cut. Next time I will either return on a day that Lynette is working or ask, "Who in here is a mother of a boy/s and knows how to cut kids hair???"

And b/c heis hair is 100% blond it really shows up that it's butchered. I should have saved the $10 and did it myself, I could have made it look like this. It's too short to part on the side and feather back now and in the crown she cut it too short and it sticks straight up... then around his ears there are random long pieces... urgh. Maybe it will have time to grow out some before we go home for Christmas and I can take him somewhere else to get shaped up before our trip to KY. and did I mention that the bangs part is so short it looks like a child took scissors and cut right at the scalp????

And this isn't b/c he wouldn't' hold still... he was sleepy and just sat there in the zone the whole time! It was way past due since last cut at Easter... and I'm telling you - so long she could have put it all up in perm rods and gave him a perm and he wouldn't have moved.. he was so sleepy. David said it's my fault b/c I don't know "how to tell them how to cut it" HELLOoooo - they are the ones that went to school, not me! How the hell am I suppose to know how they should do it???

Twice I've been burned, and once (last time) got a good one - I don't want it to look like they gave him a burr and left a little long on top.. I want a regular haircut.. with it shaped up around the neckline.. I should have waited for Lynette to get back to work on Tuesday... :/

sorry - thanks for letting me vent.


Dee said...

The quilt is lovely! The colors are so very cozy and inviting!

The ear looks fabulous and the flowers are my favorite! I enjoy your children's pictures...mine are older and it helps me remember with smiles when they were that small.

As for's only hair. It will grow and be cut (good and bad jobs) throughout his lifetime. Our youngest took scissors one year and whacked out huge hunks. LOL I took the bizzer and evened it out. Thanking God the whole time he hadn't missed and hit an eye, or an ear or another child!

Hug 'em tight! Laugh when you can and cry when you can't. They teach us so many things!


Kim said...

This is a fantastic quilt top! I have no idea how you find time to create such a wonderful thing with all the family stuff to juggle. I sooo hear you on the haircut thing! I love what Dee says here about laughing when you can, etc. So true! Your daughter is a beauty. Through all the ups and downs, it's obvious how much you treasure your family and that you have a wonderful sense of humor. :-)