Monday, November 9, 2009

The Sun Didn't Come out today.....

The sun didn't come out but someone else did... take a look at a few of our neighbors. ;)

we live in the city limits in our town, and in a neighborhood, yet b/c our home is on the back side of the neighborhood we only have 1 neighbor to the left of our house. Behind us and to the right of our drive way is all land... land that is leased to cattlemen. I don't know exactly how many acres but so big that we only see the cows come up about once a week if that often.

These are the neighbors that greeted me today when I went outside to take a photo of my latest quilt that I've finished up. The borders on this one really made it look complete didn't it? :) I love it!

And I really love seeing the cows... they remind me of where I grew up and of my Daddy in KY. Even if he just recently sold all of his cattle. First time in forever that he's not had any cattle on the farm, but that was his choice and I think it was a good one for him.

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