Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Best friends!

Play dates are so fun! Especially when they are spontaneous - Today we just happened to see our neighbor Carolyn and her Daddy out walking their newly adopted greyhound. We had just got home from picking Nora up from school when they passed by and stopped to talk.

Naturally Carolyn and Nora were so excited to see one another! It seems like forever that they've played together or even talked. I think trick-or-treating on Halloween was our most recent chit chat with them - b/c of Carolyn's broken collar bone she had to postpone gymnastics a few weeks before Nora did b/c of her ear surgery.

So needless to say they both begged for some play time together today - so sure why not :)

Dress up and drawing and making cards - perfect fun for them. Tonight was Nora's first night to go back to gymnastics so after David got home from work and we all enjoyed pizza together he took Carolyn home on the way to take Nora to her class. We are hoping that Carolyn's doctor gives her a good report on her next appointment so that she can join Nora next week.

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