Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday is laundry day

The usual chore for Monday is laundry since I don't do any over the weekends... but today I have lots more than usual. Thanks to Paul Thomas last night taking his PJs and diaper off then waking up every 2 hours wetting the bed. :/ I was not very happy with him nor him with me but lucky for him I could not find the duct tape at 2am last night.

The above photo only shows the 1st load washed today see those 4 crib sheets stacked up on the left... yep... PT. There are a few more in the 2nd wash thanks to Olivia. Poor thing woke up this morning with fever and vomiting :(

She's been so SO sick all day today. So weak she can't even hold her head up to sit in her booster chair to eat. Although she hasn't had much appetite, thankfully she has drank water and Pedialyte on and off all day.

I emailed David at work to let him know that both kids were sick and asked him to make a call to the doctor for me since I was back and forth between the two of them all day - oh did I forget to mention that Paul Thomas has had diarrhea? Yep. My lucky day. 3 explosions - which two were out of his diaper and running down his leg before he could make it to the potty. Thankfully those were rather easy to clean up on the tile floor.

David came home on his lunch break to eat here at home and by then Olivia was conked out on the sofa. He called and wasn't able to get in today but we have an appointment for tomorrow at 10:30am

Olivia's fever has been between 99.9 and 101.2 all day and even up until bedtime... even with alternating Tylenol and Motrin each 2 hours. Which scares me that I've not been able to bring her fever down. I pray that tonight it doesn't get any worse.

Speaking of tonight... guess who got bound with duct tape? yep... PT. and he was NOT happy at all with David for doing so!

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