Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Outside and lemons!

Halloween was fun! Nora got a HUGE bag of candy and look at her "Princess" pumpkin that she painted.

Last weekend David trimmed and cleaned up the schrubs in front of the house and also the flowerbed in the front yard.

but he didn't stop in the front yard - look what else he did. Se the overgrown fence row?? He and I cut all that back to the fence where the swing set is! Now all that is not in the way when the kids play. I really wish we could get rid of all that but it's not on our side of the fence so we have to keep trimming it back every year.

Ta-Da! Much better!

and look what else I have to show you - Ta-Da! Lemons! Big ones!

and speaking of big... here is a BIG Fire Aunt Pile!!! You do NOT want to step in this, trust me!

and although these berries look pretty I wish they were not here - we don't need anymore adventures of "pretend earrings!"

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