Sunday, October 11, 2009

St. Francis Fall Festival

Today after the 10:30am Mass our church had it's annual Fall Festival. What a great day it was! The renovations to the sanctuary were complete and felt so great to be back into the church for worship after being gone for over a year due to a water main bursting.

I knew it would be very nice after all the work that has gone into redoing the inside of the church - but WOW was it ever so nice! and beautiful!!!

We were having too much fun after Mass for very many photo taking opportunities but I was lucky enough to get someone passing by to take a family photo of us standing in front of the St. Francis statue.

Olivia did not want her face painted and what 2 year old can sit still that long anyway when there is so much to see and do. However she did enjoy watching them paint pumpkins on the tops of her hands. ;)

And Nora really enjoyed using the "GLUE" :) to make a craft. Isn't her scare crow face cute? She always enjoys a good face painting and this time she choose the same on both sides - a pink cross with a flower vine going up it.


Leah S said...

You look great in that shirt Bonnie. I'm gonna guess you're loving your reduced chest. :)

fabricartist21 said...

You have such a gorgeous family, Bonnie. Motherhood is very hard but it is worth it. Your little ones are so cute and it looks like you and your husband are very happy and smiling.