Thursday, September 25, 2008

9 posts...and 9 nights

I just noticed in the sidebar to the left that I have posted 9 times for the month of September... and just yesterday I was counting on the calendar how many days/nights we have been out of state or home and can you believe we've only slept in our own beds here at home only 9 nights this month!!??

Two mandatory evacuations back to back will do that...I'm just so grateful that both times we had other homes to go to and stay... and didn't have to go to a shelter. I can NOT imagine what that would have been like sleeping on cots in a HUGE open space with hundreds of others...I would have never slept in fear of the safety of my kids. Thank God I didn't have to do that... but so many others did.

I washed the sheets on all of our beds today and am so looking forward to supper/bath/bed time tonight ;) The only thing better would be if I had line dried them... but I don't have a clothes line.


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Pat said...

I'm glad you are home safely but sorry for the destruction you've witnessed all around you AND sad for your loss of Jackson. Let your many happy memories of him be a comfort to you now.