Thursday, September 11, 2008

We are evacuatng - got a call at 5:55am

Just real quick to let everyone know we are leaving much sooner than planned. The city called a mandatory evacuation this morning.. and as of last night they had planned to make it voluntary this morning and mandatory as of noon... so now it's more chaotic for everyone.

I'm headed to Jackson MS as soon as I can get the kids fed. I'll check in tonight. or a least call a friend to post in the comments of THIS POST to give an update for me. :) ...crazyboutquilts... or LisaTX... :)

Thanks for your prayers. ~bonnie


Kathy said...

Bonnie, wishing you a safe trip and hope all will be well when you return home.

JudyL said...

Oh, Bonnie! I was so hoping you wouldn't have to do it again. When I saw the news this morning, I figured you might have gotten the call. Be safe and I pray this is the last time it happens for this year.

Thearica said...

Stay safe Bonnie...Your family will be in our prayers again.

I started a blog give away today...Thought you might like to know...:-)

Leslie said...

Bonnie, We're praying for you. Stay safe with those babies! - Leslie

Pat (Riker) said...

I hope you are safely in Jackson now. We will look for a posting that tells us you are safely there with the kids. You are in my thoughts and prayers.