Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Well what a let down the Chilis night ou was. :( I honestly don't see how our town's store stays open! They have been short staffed and been struggeling for months now. We don't go often.. but I know they were the same slow service as they were when we went ack in July for my birthday.

Before our dinner came, Nora had to go potty so I took her and was shocked to count only 6 tables with people in the back of the resturant. Nearly all the tables were empty and we had just waitd 45 min for a table!!! Honestly, if they don't get a better resturant manager soon people will all together quit going and they'll close! which is sad.. b/c Chili's is our only major chain restruant without a drive-thru.

and of course on top of the slow service, we had a very tired and irratable and could not be made happy Paul Thomas to deal with the whole time... *sigh* :( but the food tasted good... ONCE we got it! :P

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