Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Reply to a comment & new info about Hurricane Ike

First, I found a new weblink to track hurricanes - here it is so you can cut and paste or save in your bookmarks. I wish I could copy a photo here but it won't let me.

The reason I'm making another post is b/c I can't reply to Pat's comment (no email) so I'll just post here real quick..

Pat (Riker) wrote today:
I'm not family or a friend that actually "knows" you (only from the blog) but I was quite worried when you posted you were probably evacuating and then we heard nothing further. IF you have to go away again and you get where there is a computer, can you jump online quickly and let us know you and the kids are okay????

You're right Pat. and it only takes a couple minutes to log on and type "I'm OK.. I'm here..and glad to be in a safe place..." and I although my laptop didn't work last time while I was in Mississippi... my friends I stayed with had a computer I could have used.

So I promise, I will let everyone know next time. :) and speaking of next time... Ike has shifted since this morning and my husband just called me from his cell driving to another city meeting and he said they could make their decision as early as 6am tomorrow. However the BIG problem will be if Houston has to evacuate... talk about traffic nightmares!

So I'm getting off the computer and getting busy so that if and when he knows... I can be on the road in 30 minutes at the most. But the laptop is the last on the list to pack so just before pullin the plug, I'll let you know if I left. ;)

Talk to you again soon... and thanks Pat for your comment. ;) ~bonnie

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Pat (Riker) said...

I am SO glad you will jump online and let us know you are okay if you have to evacuate and get where there is a computer. I checked your blog a couple of times each day after Gustav showed up. I'm clueless about blogs and didn't know an email wasn't attached for it's in case you need it. Stay safe!!!