Thursday, July 8, 2010

Just us...

EDITED TO ADD - sorry this was pending in my drafts for so long and that I just got it published a month later. oops. I'm bad like that...

Tonight while we were over at David's mothers we got to slip away after supper -just us... and go for a ride on Buddy's Yamaha Rhino.

It was just before sunset and so nice to just get out and enjoy the beautiful countryside that we both admit that we never really even noticed while we lived there growing up. We took it for granted and now every time we visit home we marvel at the rolling hills and trees.. I so wish we had such beautiful surroundings where we live now.

There are lots of one lane roads - this one is on the way to David's Uncle Mark's farm...

where he'll soon be living in his new house that he's building.

add photo of Mark

He told David about an old dirt road that lead down to the river bed... so we tried it... Didn't take long to discover that this was defiantly a road "LESS TRAVELED" :P b/c so many trees fallen over, or logs... but David had quite a lot of fun maneuvering the Rhino around, over and thru them...

at one point we just couldn't go any farther... it was too grown up so we turned around in the creek bed and headed out again... we laughed a lot.

It was fun.

it was beautiful.

it was JUST the RIGHT feeling temperature.

it was quiet..

it was just us. ;)

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