Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Puzzles

So guess who received two new puzzles recently...

and look at that concentration on sorting. Olivia wanted to sort her's into one tall stack where Paul Thomas wanted to sort by color and then line up into rows...

and you'll be happy to know that it only took me 2 clicks of the camera to notice poor Olivia's hair all in her face. So I found a clip to get it out of her eyes. ;)

She never wanted to put the foam pieces back into the cutout board. Where as Paul Thomas wasn't happy until every single letter was in it's original place on his.

Knock-Knock Mommy!!

Who's There??

It's Me - Oh-WEE-La! :P


Oh-WEE-La who loves Mommy! :)

ok, now that they're all out - let's put them into color groups..

What cha doing Pa-Ta??

I'm stackin mine!


They had to be just so, so ... or he'd re do the whole row.

and he called out each letter as he picked them up..

such concentration..

Going back together went faster than I thought it would.

love how he was trying to decide which to do next..

hum, let's see... what color should I do next?

Ah, Blue! Yes, it goes here...

and one more last letter....


I SEE YOU MOMMY!!! I'm peeking thru the Q & R holes...

Check out the set of ribs on that boy would ya!

That was so much fun... I want to do it AGAIN!

...another 10 times! :P

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