Friday, July 16, 2010

So Happy Together..

Remember that song... So Happy Together..

Well Today I walked into the den and found the twins SHARING the SAME pillow and thought I was dreaming... and to top that they were also SHARING the SAME blanket too!

Paul Thomas had Nora's Leapster Game and both of his favorite bears (both pink) beside him and was a happy camper...

and Olivia had her thumb and watching one of her favorite shows so that made her a Happy Camper too...

and I'm guessing that Paul Thomas was too engaged into his game to notice her snuggling up beside him on that pillow... I'm jsut thankful I had my camera in my pocket so I could click a few pics to capture this RARE Occasion.

Did I mention that Paul Thomas LA,LA,LOVES his sister's game???? I'm very pleased at how willing Nora is to share it with him too. ;) While we were in Kentucky Mimi bought both of them a new game each, Animal Genius for Nora, and Toy Story 3 for Paul Thomas. Also Aunt Melanie bought him the Dora Game cartridge. He loves them all, but especially the DORA one ;)

Yep, he was sooo involved in the game that he never noticed anything else going on around him...

not even when Olivia ran into him twice with her new backpack from MaMaw. :P

That boy sure does love the Leapster Game ... maybe b/c it's pink? :P

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