Thursday, May 19, 2011


here's another funny for ya..

Today just as I was leaving walmart with the twins O tells me "I gotta potty" and so I just ignore her hoping she'll forget about - she's actually good about holding it and I can trust her to make it home since we were just leaving and walking to our van...

Anyway after I get kids into van and stuff put into the back hatch of the van she tells me again so I think dang. she can't wait... ok come on - we'll bend and squat right here in the parking lot between rows of cars... (((I'm not going back into wm)))

As I'm holding her and we're squatting... I am NEARLY SHOT IN THE FACE with a stream of pee-pee... from no other than PT who apparently decided to get out of the van and go too... as if he's afraid his sister will score one more point ahead of him for # of times a human can tinkle outside in their lifetime.

GRrreat!   I was so thankful he didn't get me... although I'm certain that was EXACTLY what he was trying to do! :/  Boys!

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