Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy EARLY Birthday Nora!

Mmmm!  Isn't this a delishious looking cookie cake??  It's a month before Nora's actual Birthday but since her Birthday falls in the summer months, her teacher and I decided to make May 23rd her special day and celebrate it at school with her friends.

It was even an exciting day for little brother and sister too!!

Olivia and Paul Tomas got to sit at the table with all the kids and they thought that was too fun! Thankfully with it being the last week of school the teachers were relaxed with the no talking rule... otherwise my two would have gotten our table in trouble with their knock-knock jokes! It was fun. :)

Here's Nora with her chocolate chip cookie cake just before we lit the candles.

I made it this morning after I dropped her off at school and then my friend Heidi (who was Nora's preK-3 teacher) decorated it with icing she had left over from a wedding cake from the weekend and said,  
 "Oh Bonnie, bring it over and I'll decorate it while you go pick up the pizzas."  

Also she said to leave the twins Olivia & Paul Thomas with her and she'd bring them and the cookie cake and meet me at school - isn't she a SAINT!!! and she has 3 kids at home herself!

I'm so glad she got to stay for lunch with Nora... and see how far Nora's come in the past few years. ;)

 After lunchtime is recess and the teachers didn't mind the twins joining them.  I took my stuff back to my car and then joined them outside.  When I came back I saw that Paul Thomas had a fan club that followed him everywhere he went.. It was almost like Nora was Mary Had a Little Lamb (PT)...and everywhere that Nora went the lamb (PT) was sure to go.  Because she was so busy showing him and he ran along with her... and then his 1st grade fan club was right behind him!  haha

The twins were like local celebrities!

First he attempted to go up the slide on the right that has a hole in it and tape crossed at the top of slide... and they all shouted, "No! No!" and I showed him the hole and told him danger... so then he immediately darted up the slide on the left and again they shouted, "No! You're suppose to only GO DOWN a slide not up!"

Silly boy - he doesn't know the rules of the playground... but these little mommas were helping keep an eye on him and keep him straight! 
My Happy 6 yr, 11 mo. girl Nora on her "Happy EARLY Birthday" party day at school. 
Her birthday is exactly 1 month from today!

Hey everyone, come over here for one quick photo before you go to Religion...
2011 - Ms. Slovak's 1st grade class + 2 wannabes. ;)

Quickly after the group photo the kids were lining up to go to Religion... and Olivia quickly darted in with the girls.... she thought she was one of them now and didn't want to go home.

I am so glad we got to have an 
EARLY Birthday Party/Lunch for Nora today and be there to enjoy it with her. 

It was such a fun day!! 

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