Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Sale Anyone??

Can you take a guess at what we purchased over the weekend?  It arrives TOMORROW!!!! 
After the movies this weekend, we drove to go get ice cream and within a 1 mile radius we saw about 4 different places having HUGE Mattress Sales!!  You know the type where they have people standing out by the traffic light holding huge signs pointing you in... 

We've only been complaining of back ACHE for, oh I don't know - the last year!!?:!??  and since we still have some of our tax return money we decided that there would never be a "perfect" time to mattress shop.  (meaning - never gonna be a time without the kids with us)

So we bit the bullet and just did it.  I feel like we came out with a good deal too! ;)

With our purchase of the King Size Set, we got a instant $250 rebate, also two FREE memory foam pillows, and FREE protector covers for the pillows, FREE mattress protector, and FREE 1000 count King sheet set - I've never had that high of a thread count of sheets before have you?  

We could have also taken home a FREE 32" flat screen TV - but instead, we told them we didn't want the TV and they took even more off of our price.  How's that for negotiations??? 

It was about this time last year we were shopping (with our tax money for a big flat screen for the den and cabinet when I negotiated a great deal and walked away with a $300 Best Buy gift card to use for purchasing our TV am I a hard sale or what... we were ready to walk away until they said - what if we give you a TV? --aka gift card)

So this time we rather have the price lowered than the TV - after all the one we have works fine. 


Now watch our old 27" dinosaur TV quit working next week...   I won't even notice b/c I'll be sleeping so sound in our new bed..... Zzzzzz...

***the mattress in the photos above is not the one we bought - but leave it to the twins to find the only one with a REMOTE CONTROL in the showroom of about 40 different sets!  :P


M and M plus 3 said...

How exciting Bonnie. We bought a new mattress set this year as well. Happy resting!

Anonymous said...

lol! You needed a little entertainment... remote controls are fun. Just wait until they are teens and go mattress shopping with them again... except you and hubby play with the remote mattresses and embarrass them to pieces ;0)

Tricia C.

bingo~bonnie said...

Right! yep, sounds about right... warranty is 10 years... so 10 years from now the twins will be 14 and Nora will be 17. Yep, We'll get them back and defiantly embarrass them next time!!!