Sunday, May 29, 2011

Goin to the SHOW!

With it being Memorial Day weekend and no plans to travel - David wanted to do something fun with the kids.  So he looked up the show times and we all went to see a 3D movie over the weekend!

The twins have only been once before - last Thanksgiving while we were in KY we took them to see Tangled.  At the theater in our hometown 3 and under got in free.  NOT in Texas!  They were charged same as Nora... and an additional $3.50 per person b/c it was 3D. 

Let's just say that in our B.C. life (before children) David and I use to go nearly every weekend to the movies and I don't think we ever broke $15-20 for our date.  That paid for the show and concessions.  Well I hate to break it to you if you've not been in a few years... but that won't even buy the whole family popcorn and drinks nowadays!  

No kidding!  It was just over $17 bucks for our drinks and popcorn!  
Sheesh! Don't even ask how much we paid to get in!

Thankfully I brought along two blankets.  One that I spread longways across the twins and we poured popcorn in their laps and then a blanket for Nora's lap and I shared with her.  Otherwise I don't think I  would have gotten any b/c there was no way to reach over to David who was 4 seats down from me.  I did get my own Coke though :) and he shared the kids' Hi-C. 

If we go back - (Cars 2 comes out the end of June) - we'll try sitting infront and behind each other.  Dad and kid in front and me and 2 kids in the row just behind them so we can reach each other passing stuff...? maybe.

Maybe we'll wait until we are in Kentucky again and go to the show.  That way only 3 of us will have to pay to get in! ;)  The twins will be FREE!

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