Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sunday - My favorite day of the week!

Here we are last Sunday... September 16th... not at our home church but at the neighboring town's church - St. Anthony's Cathedral. I'm holding "Stretch" and my husband is holding "Milk Jug" and Knucklehead is in front of us holding "her" bulletin.

After mass was over many friendly people came up to greet us and one lady offered to take our photo. She actually asked if I mind if she take our photo with her camera that she carries with her and that "one day" when she saw us next, she would give us a copy. We explained to her that it was rare for us to attend mass there, b/c we live in the neighboring town and chances were that the twins may be much older the next time she saw us... however, she still insisted and wanted to take our photo with her camera and agreed to take another using our camera. And I am so glad she did! It is rare of us to get a family photo and where better to take one than here at the Cathederal! :)

Why were we not at our church you wonder???? We missed it! Actually, it was only 20 minuites shy of the time we usually leave the house and not everyone was out of bed yet! I won't name any names... but it wasn't like I was near being ready to go either... It would be a miracle to make it to our church's service at 10:30am so we headed over to the church next door for their 12:00..... Yes NOON!

I'll admit we have been late to mass more times in the past 3 months than we have in the past 3 years combined... and I'm talking LATE - like during the first reading late!!! Most people will turn and look the other way and pretend not to notice us trying hard to be polite b/c of our recent family growth... but I really don't like being late!

Lucky for us, we do have a backup plan as my husband calls it - the Noon Mass at the Cathedral. Although it is a nice place to worship and I love the friendlyness of the people, it really just isn't the same. If we miss mass at our home church, it makes it 2 weeks between seeing our friends... and not to mention getting a later start only sets us back for the whole day! We went out to eat afterwards, and didn't get home until nearly 4pm!!! We had very slow service at Red Lobster aka "the crab house" as Knucklehead calls it..... lucky for us the twins slept majority of the meal and no one required breast feeding so I was free to enjoy my snow crab legs - which are a hands on - kind-of-meal!

Oh, and since this post is on the topic of "Photos taken at church" I will end with a few others taken of us... the first one was taken of the kids during Father Michael's welcome reception following mass I think during June - about the time of the babies being just 3 weeks old!!! It's hard to believe they were once this small!!!!!
Sunday, June 23, 2007

Here we are - our FIRST ever family photo with the twins - and our FIRST time to take them to church - Sunday June 9th - they are only 6 days old in the photo below.

Easter 2006

Christmas 2006

Are you ready to LAUGH!!!???!

OK, I have never posted a video before and I am not sure if it will upload or not but I am going to try and cross my fingers that it works!

One day last week, we were playing with our digital camera making a few short videos. Or rather, "radio" as Knucklehead calls it... I am sure it makes perfect sence in her mind.

You have to see and HEAR Knucklehead singing and saying her Hail Mary Prayer - make sure you have your speakers turned up. I'm sure many of you will be saying to yourself Aughlllllllll how cute..." but wait for the VERY END!!!! I didn't know she was gonna have an encore and I hit the off button about 5 seconds too soon but I caught a little of it.

You will be ROTFLYAO - in case you don't know what that stands for I will get you started....Rolling On The Floor Laughing Your _____ Off!!!

(MAN! I wish I hadn't stopped it as soon as I did - we could have entered it on America's Funniest Videos!!! well, at least I will still have it to show her when she is all grown up! I don't think she will kill me - that is, unless she finds out that I put it up on the INTERNET!!! *gasp!*)

ok, admit it - you are Laughing!!! I have seen it over a dozen times tonight alone and I about wet myself each time. She was so serious and then...! LOL :P

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hurricane Humberto

Hurricane Humberto

Sorry I haven’t posted lately but it’s been a busy week around here. An unexpected hurricane really put a twist on our schedule (pun intended) and now we are playing catch up after being without electricity.

A week ago tonight when we went to bed, I had no idea that a tropical storm was headed our way much less a soon to be hurricane! Fastest developing hurricane in history I have been told…

I don’t watch TV much anymore – so I was unaware that a tropical storm was headed towards the gulf. My husband knew about it b/c of his job but thought that we were not in harms way, that it was thought to be headed towards Galveston Island… like Hurricane Rita was… but in both events the path of the storm changed and ripped right thru out town on the TX/LA boarder. This time the damage wasn’t as bad in my opinion, but according to local newspapers will cost more than Rita for cleanup.

A week ago tonight around 3am we lost electricity. I had just gotten back into bed from nursing one of the twins when I heard the fan we use for a noise maker go off… then after that I could not go back to sleep – I could hear everything. The wind was really getting up and since the babies crib in our room is in the window area, it made me scared that perhaps something would come flying thru and break the glass to fall all over them… so I got up and carried them one at a time over and put them both in bed with us just to be on the safe side.

Again, I had no idea that this was a hurricane I was hearing outside… I just thought it was a bad storm. Well the next day when we woke up we got a phone call from Knucklehead's teacher saying no school b/c no electric at the home of school… but somehow I misinterpreted Heidi when she said “We’re all ok here” to mean that they had electric (when in fact they didn’t – some 100,000 + homes were out)… So I thought to myself, that if Heidi has electric and she lives off HWY 62, then we’ll jump in the van and drive to McDonalds on 62 and go get breakfast since our power is out. WRONG! No where to get hot food…

Before I even pulled out of the drive I could see the damage left from the hurricane which at this point didn’t even know it’s name b/c we didn’t have TV to watch. I actually ended up calling my Dad in KY and he told me all about what had happened here in our town.

I happened to have my digital camera with me and here are some photos I took around my neighborhood and town.

a large tree uprooted in our neighborhood.

more large branches down in one of the nieghbor's yard.

a tree split in half in our neighborhood.

Just one of many poles that were blown to the side.

all thru town a lot of signs were blown completely over like this one

a storage building was blown over on it's side!

I think lightening struck this tree on the left - no bark from the top to the middle. Although maybe this was done during Rita and I just never noticed until today??

Lucky for us, our yard didn’t have anything to clean up except our patio furniture in the backyard… it was blown all over the place and our umbrella was too damaged to keep – but that set is over 8 years old and we were thinking of buying new next spring anyway so no big loss.

Our neighbor across the street was a little jealous this week of us I think. This is a photo of his yard.

He made the comment that we didn’t have anything to pick up like he did… well of course not – b/c all of our large trees blew down to the ground (missing the house thankfully) during Hurricane Rita. We had them cut up and taken away following that hurricane and have since had the stumps ground up… so our yard looked fine this time. What was there to blow over?

And here I leave you with a photo of Knucklehead in one of her "mommy-look-a-like" stares as we drove aroudn town looking at the hurricane damage.......only my mouth woudl have been slightly opened. LOL :P

It was an intresting adventure that night after the sun went down..... trying to explain to a 3 year old for the first time about electricity and how come she needs to STOP MAKING A WISH AND BLOWING OUT OUR CANDLES!!!! Thankfully we only had to go one night without power!

I was so excited to trun onto our street Friday and see these trucks parked along our home! You can barely see our house on the Left side - white brick with green metal roof.... that Knucklehead declares is really blue -but that is a whole 'nother story! :P

Friday, September 7, 2007

The Babies were Baptized Sunday!

September 2, 2007
Our week started off with a great Celebration this week!!! Sunday, we had the twins baptized following Mass. Deacon Harvey did his best to move mountains so that we could have it done during the Mass but for circumstances out of his control we were not able to which was a disappointment to us... but never the less, the sacrament means the same and a handful of our closest friends came to witness this blessed event!

My Dad and Step-mom, Clara, were the Godparents for the twins. They drove down from KY and brought David's mom, Kathy, with them and arrived early Thursday morning. We had a great visit with them while they were here.

Here are a few photos that capture the special moments from the Baptism Day.

Oliva Maelee
Paul Thomas
Baptized Sunday September 2, 2007
St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church

I wish I had more to share but after we got home I was not able to find my camera that a friend had placed in my diaper bag. Although I searched and dug all throughout the diaper bag –THREE times even!!! then I gave up and thought maybe my friend had taken the camera home with them by mistake… so we took photos around the house of all of us holding the babies with Dad & Clara’s camera and David’s moms….

Afterwards, everyone went upstairs to undress while I looked one more time, this time I dumped the whole bag upside down on the table…(it needed a good cleaning out anyway). Well there it was! I did have it so quickly I called upstairs “get dressed AGAIN, I found my camera!!!”

David’s mom was still holding the twins, so I snapped a shot of her sitting at the fireplace but after the first photo - the battery went totally DEAD!!!

So David yelled back upstairs to Dad – “never mind the battery is dead…” which caused a great commotion b/c he had already put his shirt back on buttoned it up and even retied his tie… then to make it more funny David waited 60 seconds then yelled we got a new battery get dressed again… followed by “APRIL FOOLS!!”

You gotta know my dad to understand the April Fools thing! LOL That’s another story for another day! LOL

It just wasn’t meant for me to be the picture taker using my own camera on this day! :( Maybe with a little luck we will receive some good photos taken of us at home by Clara in the mail soon.

I really regret that there is not a photo of ME holding both of the twins... that always seems to happen :/

What precious angels they both are! We are so blessed!

Knucklehead’s “Meet the Teacher Day” at Preschool

September 7, 2007
Today was the day we have been anxiously waiting all summer to come – the day to go and meet the teacher at Preschool!

All of our potty training has led up to this very day… if you can’t use the potty, then you can’t go to school… the teacher is going to ask you if you know how to use the potty like all the other big kids…

All last week while Mawmaw & Pawpaw and MiMi were here, Knucklehead tinkled in the Potty EVERY time, EVERY day!!! … the first day after everyone was gone, she had two accidents that day, but after that she has been right on track and using the potty every time and today was no exception. At preschool she used the potty just like all the other big kids! And she felt very proud to be like all the other kids at school!

Knucklehead is attending a private Preschool. My best friend, Heidi, is a certified teacher and she and another great friend of mine, Cathi, have gone in together to create and open up a “Home School Preschool” in Cathi’s home.

There are a total of six students: 3 girls and 3 boys all who Knucklehead already knows and is friends with so that works out really well. Today they made their own Alphabet Clown to bring home and hang up in their bedrooms. Throughout the year, they will be adding letter balloons to bring home and hang up with their clown and by the end of the year they will have all twenty-six balloons!
It is going to be a great year for Knucklehead. She went right in with no hesitation and never looked back at me. I am so happy to see her start this new beginning! my only regret is that I didn't remember to take a photo of her with her Teachers today on "Meet the Teacher Day!"
And to wrap this up on a CUTE Note:
After “Meet the Teacher” was over, the moms and teachers visited for 10-15 minutes out in the living room area. After hearing another mom say we have to go in 5 minutes I waited a little while then prompted Knucklehead to help clean up toys b/c we would have to be leaving too in about 3 minutes (3 is her magic number these days!) To show her disappointment of having to get ready to leave – She quickly put her arms folded in front of her chest and said, “I have dreams you know!” …which is a line from the book “Don’t let the Pigeon Drive the Bus.”

We left, called Daddy at work and then went to pick him up and take him out to lunch to celebrate her first day of Preschool… Where did we go? To Knucklehead’s favorite place of course!