Monday, October 13, 2008

Fireproof - Last Call

I just received an email from a friend today who said they called and checked the local movie theaters (neighboring cities East and West) and the movie FIREPROOF is not being shown beyond this Thursday. It is an awesome"date movie" and I think everyone needs to see it... you only have 3more nights to see it on the big screen!

David and I have not been yet... and I know we will regret it if we don't. I emailed David telling him to find out the show times and I'd find a sitter... so some lucky someone out there may get to come feed our kidos, give them baths and put them in beds one night this week ;) - "IF" David can set up a time where he can get home from work at a decent hour ;)

Hope we see FIREPROOF - and to all the outta towners who read - check your local theaters too and GO SEE IT!!! ;)


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