Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Birthday GiGi

GiGi is what we call Nora's Godmommy Gayle ;) and today - October 20th, is her Birthday!!

Gayle and I (Bonnie) are first cousins. My mom and her dad were sister and brother, who were very close and have both passed away.

Even before Nora was conceived, I knew that one day if I ever had a child, I'd hope to be able to ask Gayle to be the Godmother of my child. :) I even still remember the night going over to her and Ricky's home to tell them that we were expecting a baby the next summer.... and following up to ask if she'd be the Godmother. :) It was just as exciting as the day Nora was Baptized and I stood beside Gayle as she held Nora so lovingly... ;)

I looked but couldn't locate a pic from the Baptism... it is saved on the old computer... if I find it I'll edit this post and add later.

Here she is with Nora during our vacation home for 4th of July this year...
...and these two photos of her holding each of the twins were taken when Gayle visited us at Papaw's home in KY last month when we were evacuated for Ike. Not sure why I don't have one of her and Nora from September... possibly b/c Nora was too busy to be still and pose? :P
GiGi holding Paul Thomas

GiGi holding Olivia
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to yoooo
Happy BIRTHday dear GIGI...
Happy Birthday to you! :)
Gayle, we hope you have a Happy Day today!!! We'll be thinking of you!
David, Bonnie, Nora, Olivia & Paul Thomas

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