Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Fall Yaw

and Happy Halloween too. :) ahhhh... 4 year olds are so unpredictable... :P

Since my newest digital camera is now BROKEN (camera #4) I'm sorting thru saved photos to find something to use. ;) and came across this one that I took while we were home in KY in September for IKE... and went to "Cow Day's"

....and to think we went back home to TX a week too early and missed "Ham Day's" and "Apple Day's" festivals. Oh how I miss life in KY sometimes!!
Right now I'm thankful that broken camera #3 still takes photos so I will have a way to capture some pics of the twins' first costumes this year... but I won't know what I'm getting until I load them in the computer. :P
Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween :)

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