Saturday, November 1, 2008

a repair request for the NEW digital camera

So this is a photo of our most recent Cannon Digital Camera. (Actually our 4th Cannon since our married life began in '97..but who's counting)
I la,la,love it!!! My most favorite feature that this model has that none of our previous Canon's have had - is that it immediately REMOVES red eye after you take the photo. Blink, red eyes GONE! :) I can't tell you how much time that saves me when I am at CVS printing them out!
You may remember us buying in in June just before the kids' Birthday b/c David broke our other one.. (apparently when you are on the floor rollin around playin with the kids, your pocket is not the best place to store a digital camera!)

Well guess what - I broke it! actually I'm not convinced I had anything to do with it... but the switch that lets you change between taking photos or videos is STUCK on video mode only! URGH!!!
and guess who thought we didn't need to "waste" money buying Circuit City's Buyer Protection Plan... yep, us! double UrGH!!!
David called Circuit City, and there is nothing they can do for us... although they did fax us a copy of the sales receipt which was helpful. David contacted Canon and found out everything we need to do for a repair request and left me printed step-by-step today I mailed it off to Cannon and I am hoping we get it back before our Thanksgiving trip to Kentucky!

Our most favorite camera (the one David broke) was the Cannon SD450 is now our back up camera... and I am grateful that it still works to take photos so that I could capture some Halloween photos..... although, it's almost like ancient times... I have no clue what the photos are turning out to look like until I see them loaded on the computer. :P
can't stand putting it up to my eye to look thru the teeny tiny view finder!!! I spoiled or what?

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