Thursday, November 13, 2008

Still sick.... poor Paul Thomas

Tuesday was a nightmare... whereas, yesterday was a better day. Nora stayed home from school and never had any more events… however Olivia had two occasions of nose bleeds yesterday :( but that was easy peasy compared to the clean up I endured the day before… I just held her down until it stopped both times… and for most of the day Paul Thomas felt like his ole self….. but then…after David got home from work…just when I thought he was over it - he vomMERrred at supper… then again! and again! and again last night.

And that’s not the worst news…. Today it's gone from bad to worse = now he has diarrhea. :-{

I heard him explode in his diaper as he was standing close to me so I picked him up and took him to the bathroom... I figured I'd change him in there and that way it'd make for an easier clean up just in case it was super messy.

Actually it wasn't - the diaper absorbed nearly all of it b/c it was as runny as water.

So he immediately started grabbing at anything he could get his hands on - everything looked new and exciting to him in the downstairs half bath b/c it's a forbidden zone in our house
to the babies - door always closed off...

anyway, he grabbed Nora's potty cushion... and I thought why not? So I sat him on top of it on the potty and I wish I had had my camera to capture the look on his face... he was so intrigued and excited all at the same time! :P He wasn't very concerned with holding on to keep from falling off of it - so it still left me one hand holding on to him and the other cleaning up... but I used some of Nora's potty stickers on his belly, knees and legs to distract him and get his mind off of getting down and it worked! :) Yeahhhhh thanks Dora the Explorer and Boots! :)

He was able to sit there long enough to have at least two more diarrhea pains.

I just hope I can keep him hydrated. He has no appetite but is thirsty all the time… but can’t hold any liquids down… David stopped by CVS tonight and bought some Pedalyte drinks… I am hoping that will help.

I’m also hoping he is over this sickness SOON! Especially before our road trip to Kentucky for Thanksgiving! However I’ll continue keepin on keepin on… I am so grateful that he hasn’t had any episodes during the middle of the night… *KNOCK ON WOOD*

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