Monday, November 10, 2008

I had FUN with the Four Year Olds Today ;)

Today was the first time Nora's class had been on a "field trip" and also for most of them their first time to ride on a school bus! :) Double smile! :) :)

My Angel, Ms. Cindy from church, came over to our home early this morning to keep the twins here at home while I went to school with Nora today. Olivia hasn't had anymore vomiting since last night before supper... but today she feels hot so I gave her Tylenol before I left and again when I got home.

At school the teacher introduced us to the kids. It was so cute. She had everyone listed on the board (they don't have black boards with chalk anymore - instead use dry erase boards) Anyway my name was listed then three kids under me... which she called to come up to the carpet and meet me...

Ms. Meaux pointed out that I had on a green shirt...and a red purse... and told them to direct all of their questions to me for the rest of the day. Not to go to her but to come to me ;) She even had them cup their hands around their eyes and look directly at me to get a good look so they would remember what I looked like in case they got lost. Then they returned back to their seats... and she did the same with the next group for the other mom, and so forth.

While we waited for the buses to show up Quaid got to talk about his weekend with Callie the class' mascot cow. He had photos mounted on a poster board and had lots to talk about :)

The pre-K3, pre-K4, and Kindergarten all go to go to the theatre to see "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" and can you believe that they were suppose to send 2 buses but somehow didn't and we all crammed onto one bus! My kids and I were in the WAY Back on the LAST SEAT all together.... and while they loved all the bumps, I sure didn't. I was sure that I'd bounce right onto the floor on each one. The kids sang "The Wheels on the Bus" both to the theatre and back.
It was a lot of fun! The pupets used in the play were paited with glow in the dark paints and were really bright and colorful with the black lights shining on them. After it was over the ninga looking actors came out adn showed how they did everything and took questions from the kids, which I thought was cool that they'd take the time to show how they put the play on.

I'm so glad I got to be a chaperon!! Thanks again Ms. Cindy for keepin the twins! ;)

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