Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I've did FIVE loads of laundry last night

and I'm not done... the last (for now) load of "Puked ON" stuff is in the washer now. The floor rugs from the bathroom and bedrooms.

Yesterday was so out of whack here at home. Around 4:30pm the twins took their "first" bath after I discovered Paul Thomas had vomited during his afternoon nap. YUCK-O!

I'll spare any gross details... but after they got out of the tub and diapered and dressed... Nora "Vomm-MERed" all in the floor all as I was running to the toilet with Paul Thomas b/c while holding him I felt his belly doing the wave... so next tub was with PT and Nora...

I forget all the details and order now - too tired... but beore David got home from work Paul Thomas had vomited another 3 times for a total of 5 and Nora once more (for a total of 3) before passing out in the kitchen floor.

Thankfully David brought supper home from Wendy's and helped with getting them upstairs and to bath again... This being PT's 3rd or 4th for the night...and Olivia's 2nd... but while waiting for the tub to fill up with water.... he vommMERed again :( poor little guy!

Needless to say I kept the monitor on louder than normal - I wanted to hear if anyone got sick and thankfully no one did the whole night!!! However Nora scared be silly out of me when at 2am I was using the laptop on the sofa and out of the corner of my eye I see her standing beside me! AKK!

She was thirsty... and she could have served herself upstairs in her bathroom - bu I am so glad she didn't b/c I only gave her a small amount of water - didn't want her to vommMer in the middle of the night... also I felt of her and she was burning up hot - scanned her head and it was 101.6. So I gave her some medicine.

Turned everything off and headed to bed myself... and at 3:15am Nora started bursting out in tears -I go running thinking maybe she's sick again... and no - just feelings hurt... b/c "It's NO FAIR! you did not give me more water!" so another small amount and wet washcloth for her head and she was fine. ;)

I hit the pillow around 3:35am and passed out!

Nora is home from school and not happy about it. They all finished breakfast about 30 min ago and ....So far so good today...

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