Friday, March 4, 2011

from 1/21/11 - My Girls Ready for Bed

After bath time tonight Nora asked if she could get something out of the "Happy Room" aka sewing room.... When I unlocked the door she dashed in and grabbed up these two quilt cutups rabbit and cat. I found them at a yard sale long ago for only a DOLLAR! For both of them!

So letting her have them to sleep with totally made her heart happy and isn't that what life is all about?! :) Little sister, Olivia is clutching onto her "Chocolate Pillow" 1 of 4 throw pillows for the sofa that she la,la,loves to rub on while sucking "chocolate milk" out of her thumb.... so she tells me...

Thank goodness we have 4 of those pillows... 1 for the den, 1 for the van, 1 for her bed in the twins' room and 1 more to keep in Nora's bedroom for the occasional nights she wants to sleep with her big sister in the BIG BED. :)

And speaking of the Big Bed - aren't they cute... all snuggled up and ready for books and prayers.

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