Sunday, March 20, 2011

Girl Scouts' Raingutter Regatta

Today the the RACE DAY for the Girl Scouts participating in the Raingutter Regatta with their sail boats. Nora and David didn't get their boat kit until this week and have been so busy with all of our after school activities that they didn't even get started until yesterday. I took the twins to a birthday party and they went to Home Deopt to get paint, sandpaper and supplies.

It was Nora's idea to spray paint the whole boat PINK... but you'd never know it from the photos..... b/c after it was dry and they were ready to decorate - she decided it needed "Violet" on the sides and RED on the top. The only pink is on the bottom of the boat. *sigh*

Here they are testing to see if the boat will float... :)

All in all, Nora produced a pretty boat and had a fun time making it and that's what this "Daddy & Me" event is all about. Sunday after church it was a mad dash home to change clothes, eat and then get going for sign-ins for the races.

Here she is before they left out the door! Good Luck Nora! I hope your boat wins!!!

These are some photos David took after they got there. He said that after Nora's first race, she licked all the water off her boat after they pulled it out of the rain gutter. SILLY GIRL! :P

She lost her first race, but it was double elimination.... so she stood in line for her 2nd turn and by that time the twins and I arrived and got set up with our chairs just in time to watch her race her 2nd race! :) I even videoed it and it's so funny to watch. She won her 2nd race.... but unknowingly cheated by using her face as she blowed - her cheek pushed along the sailboat. I don't think anyone noticed it - but how could they not! It was too funny.

Her 3rd race she lost and that took her out of the competition but she was having sucha good time that she never even realized it... and continued to stand in line with the others waiting their turn. It was a fun day for all the girls. Here she is holding up her boat "The Queen Nora" and her badge she earned.

After we got home the kids wanted to play in the driveway. Olivia I think was pretending she was the "Queen" of her own boat as she stood on top of the step stool. lol ....while PT and Nora refueled the Jeep.

This photo cracked me up when I saw it upclose on the computer... look at Olivia's face!

What a great weekend and afternoon.

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